Oregon Schools Offer Menstrual Products in Boys Bathrooms

      Responding to a state law passed by far-left legislators and signed by Gov. Karen Brown last year, government schools in Oregon are now offering menstrual supplies in male bathrooms. The scheme is supposed to make bathrooms more “inclusive.”

      The scandal has now made international headlines after a video of a boys’ bathroom in the state with a tampon dispenser surfaced on Twitter. One of the United Kingdom’s largest newspapers, the Daily Mail, included a major story on it.

      The legislation, which was passed last year, is the first in the nation to require tampons in boys’ bathrooms. “All education providers shall install in every bathroom at least one dispenser that does not require coins or money and is clearly marked as free in at least two languages,” the legislation says. 

      The state’s largest government-school district, Portland Public Schools, issued a statement saying that all of its schools — known primarily nationwide as factories for Antifa goons — would be offering menstrual products by the start of the 2022-2023 school year. 

      “We encourage parents to have conversations with their students at home about menstruation, menstrual products, sexuality and health,” the statement said. “This program will be implemented best if we work in partnership to reduce shame and stigma around menstruation and help all students address basic physical needs in order to remove barriers to their overall education.”

      Oregon Department of Education chief Colt Gill said the legislation was aimed at helping government schools be “supportive of all students” and support their choice of pronouns while at school. “We are happy to come in and help the school district and the community understand the laws that are in place,” he added last month in an interview on tax-funded “public” media. 

      The madness is not new — in fact, like many disturbing trends in K-12, it had already infected college campuses going back years. As part of its supposed “commitment to diversity” and “improving the transgender community experience on campus,” Washington State University rolled out tampons in men’s bathrooms in 2018.

      “Affirming folks’ identities on their CougarCard is a really big piece for us,” said Matthew Jeffries, director of the WSU Gender Identity/Expression and Sexual Orientation Resource Center and the co-chair of the Gender Inclusive and Trans Support Working Group.  

      Within a year, prominent leftist organizations such as the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLLU) was pushing the idea as part of a campaign for “menstrual equity.” “While free menstrual products are not uniformly provided in women’s restrooms, they are almost never available in men’s restrooms, even for pay,” the radical organization complained. 

      The latest news about tampons in boys’ restrooms comes, ironically, as pro-abortion forces nationwide argue that men should not be commenting on the issue of abortion because men do not have uteruses and cannot get pregnant. Experts call this sort of confusion involving belief in two contradictory ideas at once “cognitive dissonance.”

      Anyone who believes their children will be receiving anything remotely resembling an education from institutions that believe tampons are needed in boys’ bathrooms is delusional. Government schools are now dangerous places for those who refuse to compromise on facts, logic, and truth.   

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