NJ Teachers Union Slams Concerned Parents as “Extremists”

      Parents who are taking their concerns about public education to their local school boards are “extremists” to be condemned, according to a new ad by the far-left New Jersey branch of the powerful National Education Association teachers union. 

      The controversial ad comes as the Department of Justice and the FBI are under fire from lawmakers for terrorizing concerned and outspoken parents using “counter-terrorism” resources. The federal attack on parents came in response to the now-imploding National Association of School Boards. 

      “We don’t agree on everything in New Jersey, but we all agree that our kids deserve a world class education,” the New Jersey Education Association ad begins, rotating between color pictures of happy children at school and black-and-white images of angry parents speaking out at school boards. 

      “So when extremists start attacking our schools, that’s not who we are,” the narrator continues without providing a single example of a person attacking a school. “People who only want to fight to score political points should take that somewhere else.”

      Of course, despite the phony narrative presented by the advertisement, not a single parent attacked a school. Instead, they were expressing their outrage over the policies of out-of-control school boards and education bureaucrats exposed dumbing down, indoctrinating, and sexualizing children.

      Few if any of the parents were trying to score “political points.” In reality, they were doing what virtually every parent throughout all of human history has done: Trying to protect their children from threats to their well-being. But for obvious reasons, that is not what the teachers unions want people to think. 

      The controversial ad has already started a national scandal, being picked up by the Daily Caller, Fox News, the New York Post, the Gateway Pundit, and many more. More than a few critics are sounding the alarm about the attack on parents, too.

      “Defaming parents as ‘extremists’ for standing up for their children is right out of Merrick Garland and [American Federation of Teachers boss] Randi Weingarten’s playbook,” Building Education for Students Together chief Laura Zorc was quoted as saying in news reports. 

      “New Jersey’s parents deserve better than this NJEA (New Jersey Education Association) slander — standing up for your children is not a political point, it is a parent’s responsibility,” continued Zorc. “The NJEA should be ashamed for pretending they care more about children than their parents.” 

      It is hardly the first time union bosses have slammed their critics as “extremists.” In fact, last month, AFT boss Randi Weingarten blasted political leaders with the term for seeking to protect children from indoctrination, pornographic material, hyper-sexualization, and more.  

      But it is backfiring. Thanks to the heroic efforts of fighters like Rebecca Friedrichs, a longtime elementary school teacher in California who took on the union and won, teachers nationwide are leaving their radical unions in droves. Meanwhile, families are fleeing government schools by the millions.    

      The more unions and the education establishment attack parents for trying to protect their children, the more Americans realize that the forces running government schools are dangerous and out of step with the public. Let the union and Biden administration attacks on parents continue! 

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