Resistance Growing over the Marxist LGBTQ Revolution?

      Some apparently contradictory headlines have been in the news lately and it’s important to break this down and try and make sense of what’s happening regarding the demonic agendas aimed at children. Is the tide letting up at all?

      Let’s start with some good news. First, England’s National Health Service (NHS) is now warning against puberty blockers for minors and the new guidelines on treating gender dysphoria say families are “strongly discouraged” from getting hormones or puberty blockers.

      Why? Because “there is not enough evidence of safety and clinical effectiveness.” Whao! Sadly, however, it’s too late for thousands of innocent children around the world. The question is will we see these guidelines expand here in the states as more parents are pushing back against the ideology. 

      England and a few other progressive, Marxist, liberal European countries and governments have been waking up about the momentum of the transgender movement that has been rolled out in full force around the world. 

      Here’s another question: has the godless left overplayed its hand? Results from a brand-new survey reveal a slight drop in LGBTQ support for the first time in nearly a decade.

      Our friends at Not the Bee looked at news stories from the past month featuring gay influencers, sex addicts, drag performers, pedophiles, and transgenders targeting children – and pointed out the slippery slope many of us warned about, saying:

      In about a decade the LGBT movement has gone from “Just let us get married” to “Let us confuse, corrupt, sexualize and irreparably damage your children.” 

      The Public Religion Research Institute (PRRI). The survey found support for same-sex marriage dropped two points, from 69 percent to 67 percent, from 2022 to 2023. 

      You might be thinking, ‘well it’s still at 67 percent’ and you’d be right to suggest it’s still way too high. The point here is that it seems something seems to have slowed the locomotive and that would be the assault on children. From drag queens and Hollywood programming to pride parades, social media and trans surgeries on minors, more people seem to be finally saying, “enough!”. 

      By the way, the last time Americans support form same-sex marriage dropped in the same survey was in 2014 when it dropped slightly to 53 percent. Melissa Deckman, the CEO of PRRI reminds us that most people are still all-in:

      “Our survey shows that support for LGBTQ rights has dipped slightly from 2022 to 2023, although the vast majority of Americans continue to endorse anti-discrimination protections for LGBTQ Americans and the rights of same-sex couples to marry,”

      Of course, most people are against discrimination, but what they are talking about is special rights for one group which then results in discrimination against Christians.

      In a recent episode of Behind the Deep State, my friend and colleague, Alex Newman exposes the root infestation of this diabolical worldview shift that has permeated entertainment, social media, Hollywood, the music industry, sports, and beyond.

      Newman reports that many famous figures have even spoken openly about how they made a literal deal with the devil in exchange for success, fame, money, and more. In recent decades, we’ve seen the rotten fruit and the impact of this evil on humanity. 

      Our call to action is to keep raising awareness and declaring the truth. If we’re still here and there is still an America, we still have an opportunity to pray and slow the decay while the gospel is being preached.

      Albert Mohler, president of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary weighed in on the issue warning parents and concerned citizens that we better realize what we are up against. He said, and I agree, that even the radicals, the revolutionaries, the LGBTQ activists were astounded by how much ground they gained and how rapidly. 

      We’ve reached a point that throughout our culture, we’ve been bombarded by pride, by the marketing of evil, by what Mohler calls “the empire of the rainbow flag” forcing the celebration of perverse sexual identity on the silent majority. 

      Then he also indicated there are recent positive developments. He writes:

      “And then, something happened on the way to the Pride parade. The T in LGBTQ became the issue. There were obvious strains within the coalition, but the biggest problem for the Trans movement was that the public was moving in their direction, then stopped, then went into reverse—especially when it comes to children and teenagers.”

      This may be where the agenda gets stuck in the mud. I’m not remotely suggesting it will stop because evil never sleeps and Satan is the pusher and father of lies. But there are interesting developments all around us in this war of worldviews. 

      In our 100th episode of Worldview Matters, author and filmmaker Curtis Bowers discusses the communist agendas that have hijacked major institutions in America and explains why they’ve been successful.

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