Families Must ‘Cancel’ Disney Over LGBTQ, Woke Programming

      It’s not exactly a newsflash to say Disney has gone woke and beyond gay, but many families across the country have no idea that behind the scenes, Disney’s depravity and perversion has been going on for decades.

      There is overwhelming proof that Disney is now openly and rapidly pushing LGBTQ+ indoctrination and woke programming, and the highly influential corporation has a child-predator problem. 

      So why does this matter to Christians? Disney’s power and its tentacles have not only flown under the radar, but they have poisoned young minds for years to reject God and the biblical worldview while accepting homosexuality and witchcraft for starters. 

      Disney execs have openly admitted they are grooming children and this alone should concern parents of young children. The company now gloats about intentionally placing LGBTQ narratives into movies, cartoons, and storybooks.

      Disney also promised to wage war against the Parental Rights in Education law – which is the actual title, but is known by the far left as the “Don’t Say Gay” bill. The law bans teachers from talking to 4-year-olds about sex – gay or straight.

      Florida’s HB 1557, legislation mentions parents many times and never once uses the word, “gay.” Fact. It states,

       “classroom instruction by school personnel or third parties on sexual orientation or gender identity may not occur in kindergarten through grade 3 or in a manner that is not age appropriate or developmentally appropriate for students in accordance with state standards.”

      The fact Disney executives would have a problem with protecting innocent school children speaks volumes, especially for a company that people think embraces children. 

      And it that weren’t enough, Disney is showing its hypocrisy by crusading against the Florida state law while expanding programming access in the Middle East to nations that have strict laws and often severe punishments against homosexuality. The list includes Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Morocco, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and Yemen. 

      Thanks to the wok of journalist, Christopher Ruffo, some leaked footage emerged of an executive producer for Disney Animation bragging about her “not-at-all-secret gay agenda.” Latoya Raveneau admitted the company has already has been pushing hard for many more LGBTQ characters. 

      She said that wherever she could, she would “add queerness,” such as gay characters kissing in the background and emphasized the fact no one at Disney tried to stop her. The new video from a Walt Disney Company meeting shows top executives vowing to increase the number of LGBT characters in Disney productions.

      The progressive elites called the meeting, “Reimagine Tomorrow.” It sounds like something right out of the World Economic Forum and Klaus Schwaub’s “Great Reset” agenda.

      Next, Disney corporate president, Karey Burke, went so far as to say Disney wants more than 50 percent of its characters to be LGBTQ and racial minorities. She smiles as she proudly describes her two LGBTQ+ kids and says her colleagues at Disney want to be part of “ground-breaking LGBTQIA stories…”

      Pray for her and her children that God would get through to her with the truth. She should feel broken, not proud of being “the mother [of] one transgender child and one pansexual child.” 

      So it’s no surprise that in order to guarantee that “LGBTQ+ awareness content is available for children,” Disney creators chose to restore a lesbian kiss in the upcoming animated (and supposedly family-friendly) film, Lightyear. Remember Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story? It used to be a no-brainer Disney was family-friendly.

      Not anymore.

      Now, on to the more disturbing part of this story; Disney’s child predator problems and how the media covers it up. Here’s a quick example, hat tip again to Chris Rufo:

      In 2014, CNN did a six-month investigation on Disney’s child predators and recommended more sting operations to catch “so many more sexual predators.” 

      In 2022, CNN now says that mentioning *this exact problem* is a conspiracy theory from the “QAnon factor.”

      Rufo wrote an article for City Journal exposing the fact Disney theme parks have had a long-standing issue, unknown to the public, with child predators gaining employment and exploiting minors. Even after the 2014 report mentioned above, Disney saw a steady stream of “employees caught in the dragnet for child predators.”

      Disney employees have been arrested, three in a sting operation in Orlando, others having committed sex crimes using the Internet, child pornography, and as recent as last month, four more Disney workers were arrested in another sting operation exposing “human trafficking, child predators, and prostitution.”

      Let’s be fair. Most employees work at places such as Disney for a stable job, but the sad truth is wherever you find children, you’ll find sexual predators. 

      If a corpse could roll-over in its grave, Walt Disney would, as well as most of our grandparents and great grandparents if they could see what’s happening today. Walt was a man who seemed to belie inspiration comes from God, and religion is necessary to maintain a proper balance in life.

      In an interview, Walt Disney once stated,

      “All I ask of myself is to live a good Christian life and toward that objective I bend every effort in shaping my personal, domestic and professional activities and growth.”

      I wonder what his family thinks about the company’s godless ideologies today. I wonder what God thinks. 

      From what I understand, when you walk into one of the Magic Kingdom theme parks, there is a plaque featuring a Walt Disney quote that reads: 

      “Here you leave today and enter the world of yesterday, tomorrow, and fantasy.”

      And now, according to Disney diversity and inclusion manager, Vivian Ware, they removed all mentions of “ladies and gentlemen,” “boys,” and “girls” in its theme parks. Why? To support young LGBTQ+ children, to make them feel safe and “included.” 

      With what we now know, it is concerning that Bible-believing American families today keep supporting Disney and pay top dollar to escape reality? It’s just entertainment, right? But the company is dripping with godless agendas, depravity, and wokeness – and young children are watching. 

      Are you not entertained?!

      Over at The Stand, in an article called “The Man Behind the Mouse,” Hannah Meador writes about Disney executives today:

      They are cowards because instead of tales of hope and triumph, they’re focused on indoctrinating kindergarteners.

      They are cowards who are now painting the villains as moms and grandmothers instead of evil queens and dragons.

      They are cowards who care more about what China thinks of their films than the morals of their American-born creator.

      They are cowards because they slip content on their streaming platform hoping parents don’t notice.

      But mostly, they are cowards who choose to insult the large majority of their customers to appease 5 percent of the population that is screaming. 

      Sadly, as we’ve seen, the minority with the loudest voices and the help of the depraved mainstream media often force others to either comply or compromise.

      But this is the direction Disney has decided to take. Parents be warned. If need be, cancel your Disney+, Disney Movie Club, and Disney Insiders memberships. Talk to your kids. 

      If you agree this is a concern and children should be protected rather than exposed to these agendas, please consider boycotting and rejecting all things Disney.

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