1 % of U.S. Couples ‘Same Sex’, But Agenda Dominates Culture

      According to the latest U.S. Census, less than one percent of American households are headed by a same-sex couple. In other words, same-sex ‘married’ couples consist of only 0.9% of American households.

      And yet if you listen to the mainstream media, Hollywood, Democrats, public schools, corporations, sports leagues, government, big tech and social media, the average person would think this country is overwhelmingly dominated by LGBTQ individuals and couples. 

      Not so fast.

      I saw a man on the street interview several years ago, and most people seemed to think between 20 and 40 percent of the entire population was gay. That spoke volumes about who and what was influencing the culture. 

      Tragically, it’s not the church. We’re now at the point we’re seeing what’s known as ‘queer all year,’ which is the purposeful saturation of culture with all things LGBTQ.

      The truth is there were about 1.2 million same-sex couple households in the U.S. in 2021, according to recently released Census Bureau data. That’s all.

      One of the major change agents has been government. The home of most federal employees and politicians, the District of Columbia, exceeded all states for the highest percentage of same-sex couple households, 2.5%.

      CNS News points out that though Washington D.C. leads the way, none of the 50 states had a number of same-sex couple households that accounted for more than 1.4 percent of their total. The average is under one percent!

      It’s also interesting that “roughly 710,000 of the same-sex couple households were married and about 500,000 were unmarried.” 

      Wait a minute. Why aren’t the homosexual marriage numbers much, much higher? You know why. Because it was never about marriage. It was about rejecting God’s design. It’s about sex and special rights, not equality.

      Moreover, in the build-up to the Supreme Court striking down all state bans on same-sex marriage in 2015, Americans were promised that’s all they wanted; it would end there. 

      Not so. 

      For decades, the godless left has pushed the limits and found such a lack of resistance to the promotion and expression of sin, perversion, and the marketing of evil that they have gained ground they never though possible. 

      In its arsenal of weapons, words have been front and center. Accusations and labels of hate, homophobia, intolerance, fascism, and even racism have somehow been used as a battering ram to pummel those who dare publicly oppose the agenda.

      Few are allowed to oppose LGBTQ ideology or refute propaganda presented as fact. One would think those who believe in God and biblical values such as two genders, the traditional family, and natural marriage between one man and one woman are outnumbered. Again, not even remotely close. 

      And yet here we are.

      The radical left has been lustfully lobbying, pridefully parading, infecting legislation and infringing on religious freedom, spreading its poison nationwide. 

      The Washington Stand’s Ben Johnson believes “one of the most pervasive lies insists that Americans support same-sex marriage by ever-increasing margins.” He refers to the lifestyles of those in gay relationships and notes by their own admission that the average gay couple begins having sex with other people within an average of 5-6 years.

      Johnson adds:

      “As decades of polls show, virtually all Americans do not respect marriages built on a foundation of perpetual, mutual adultery. (Why not simply remain single?) Indeed, nine out of 10 Americans still find any single instance of adultery “morally wrong.” Legislation compelling the American people to “respect” such marriages simply seeks to shut down opposition…”

      He’s referring to The Respect for Marriage Act which would repeal and replace the Defense of Marriage Act and solidify same-sex unions. The Democrat’s new bill does not truly protect our religious liberties.

      We’ve been warned. LGBTQ activists want to force their morality upon the entire population and destroy marriage, the most sacred and foundational institution in human history, without a debate.

      They will never stop working to force change. It will be interesting to see what they do next.

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