Violent Attacks Increasing Against Christians by Pro-Abortion Terrorists

      Praying to God in public and believing biblical principles are now dangerous activities – in America. Two elderly pro-life men in Baltimore found this out by standing in front of a business that murders babies. If you’re not on board, it can now get you attacked and sent to the ER. 

      They were brutally assaulted, one needing to have surgery to repair fractured facial bones and have metal plates inserted.

      This latest violent attack took place outside a Planned Parenthood as the activist beat and sent two elderly Republicans to the hospital last week. You probably didn’t see this on the news. Here’s a photo of Mark Crosby, 73, from the scene of the crime. 

      Police confirmed that a defender of abortion brutally assaulted Dick Schafer and Mark Crosby, two older pro-life advocates. How did local media frame it? The victims were called “anti-abortion rights demonstrators.”  

      They were peacefully praying on a public sidewalk. Not to be confused with the Marxist, social justice allies of Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation that caused dozens of deaths in 2020 and millions of dollars in damage across the country – and were called, “mostly peaceful” protestors. 

      Video footage of the Baltimore assault and witnesses have confirmed that the unhinged Democrat tackled Schafer to the ground and kicked Crosby in the face “with extreme force.” The abortion activist reportedly threatened, “If you know what’s good for you, you’ll stay away from here.” 

      According to reports, Schafer has been recovering at home while Crosby was treated at the hospital due to the fact the “plate bone in his upper right cheek is completely fractured” and he “is bleeding from an unidentified area behind his eye. The bone eye orbit is completely shattered and he had to have surgery. 

      Author and journalist, Alex Newman asserts the truth will outlast evil and the lies. He declares: 

      Violence against Christians is being normalized & promoted by the media and the government. Christians should pray for those who think violence will silence the truth about God, #abortion, or any other issue. The #truth will stand; the lies will fall. Be patient.  

      The Baltimore assault happened days after news surfaced about the case of a pro-abortion terrorist in Lake Odessa, Michigan. Richard Harvey shot retired nurse and pro-life grandma, Joan Jacobsen with a gun, and will only receive community service – for the crime of shooting a woman. Imagine if it were a Christian, conservative, or Republican who shot someone.  

      The abortion issue has divided America, and the act of murdering a preborn human baby has sadly become a political ping-pong ball in Washington. 

      The truth is we are talking about the right to murder, to eliminate a human life at any stage of pregnancy. They call it “reproductive freedom,” and claim, “my body, my choice,” as they keep sacrificing their offspring on the alter of convenience. 

      In the Baltimore assault, nobody has been arrested even though police have video from security cameras. A witness of the attack told police it all began with a debate over abortion rights. 

      Rights? They keep using that word. I do not think it means what they think it means. Inconceivable.  

      The Constitution of the United States mentions the right to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. Nowhere does it mention a right to deny life to others.  

      Things have escalated dramatically since the overturning of the unjust, wicked Roe V. Wade. LifeNews has documented 300 abortion-related attacks in the last year alone! This is nothing new and is a tragic trend that seems to be going virtually unchecked. 

      I’ve reported and warned for several years, and wrote a book called Canceling Christianity. Christians, churches, Republicans, and pro-life organizations are now practically fair game when it comes to assault and violence. Take note of the silence from nearly all Democrats as very few are willing to denounce the increasing attacks.  

      Many leftists gleefully cheer as their leaders divide people and stoke the fires of animosity. As a result, we’ve seen a tidal wave of arson, vandalism, death threats, and other crimes in recent years. 

      Moreover, it is clear the Biden DOJ and FBI have a track record of refusing to pursue justice, investigate, and arrest pro-abortion radical activists. In contrast, in one isolated case last year, it only took four days to make an arrest in Kalamazoo, Michigan where a man allegedly attacked a Planned Parenthood building.  

      According to Family Research Council (FRC), hostility against churches has also skyrocketed, nearly tripling in the last four years. 

      “FRC found a total of 420 documented acts of hostility that occurred between January 2018 and September 2022. The types of acts identified include vandalism, arson, gun-related incidents, bomb threats, and more.” 

      Jesus told believers to remember that since they hated Him, they’ll hate us as well. 

      What can you do? Don’t be silent and do not back down. Always be loving and respectful and compassionate, but active compassion tells people the truth – even as people are becoming intolerant toward God and biblical principles. 

      Jay Walton, President of the Baltimore County Right to Life is asking for people to make donations to help Mark Crosby recover and has set up a GoFundMe page to help defray the costs associated with his medical bills. 

      As of this report, Crosby is in stable condition after undergoing treatment in the shock trauma unit of the University of Maryland Medical Center. Please help raise awareness about these news stories, defend life, love others, and do what the liberal media refuses to do: tell the truth and share the facts. 

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