Perverted University Sex Institute With Child-Abuse Legacy FINALLY Defunded

      After years of growing public pressure and scandal, Indiana lawmakers finally defunded an institute for “sex research” at Indiana University founded by and named after infamous pervert and sex maniac Alfred Kinsey. Critics of Kinsey’s horrific perversion and his legacy of “scientific” child sexual abuse celebrated the news, while perverts and leftists whined about it.

      The effort to stop tax funding for the outfit was led by conservative stalwart Representative Lorissa Sweet, a Republican who told The Newman Report earlier this year that protecting children was among her top priorities in the legislature. Speaking of the amendment to defund the Kinsey Institute, Sweet pointed to Kinsey’s vile history of involvement in barbaric sexual abuse of children.

      Among other horrors, Kinsey trained numerous pedophiles in how to sexually abuse children and babies — some as old as a few months — and then to use a stopwatch to record “data.” The evidence of these monstrous crimes is documented in Kinsey’s own books. In fact, his 1948 book Sexual Behavior in the Human Male included tables of data gathered by his pedophile army documenting the crimes.

      Incredibly, Kinsey used the results of these demented “experiments” to conclude that children and even small babies were sexual from birth. As such, he and his associates decided to start sexualizing children as early as possible in government schools through “comprehensive sex education.” Numerous Kinsey minions created SIECUS, which pushed the perversion in schools nationwide and across the globe.

      Rep. Sweet suggested evil might even still be going on at Indiana University’s Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender, and Reproduction. “Could they be hiding child predators?” Sweet asked her fellow lawmakers in discussing the successful effort to defund the scandalous institute. “If there is any place where Chris Hansen needs to bring To Catch a Predator, it is Indiana University.”

      Earlier this year, in an interview about her bill to protect children from surgical mutilation and other experiments associated with gender confusion, Rep. Sweet warned of an “attack on our children” that was being discussed with urgency all across Indiana. “The protection of our children was a promise and is one of my upmost priorities,” she said. “Someone must stand in the gap for these children.”

      Apologists for Kinsey and perversion generally claimed this was somehow an attack on “academic freedom.” “The university is concerned that a provision singling out a specific research institute sets a troubling precedent with implications that could limit the ability of public colleges and universities to pursue research and scholarship that benefits people and improves lives,” said Indiana University President Pamela Whitten without specifying which perverted research was improving people’s lives.

      Liberty Counsel chief Mat Staver, who supported the effort to defund the institute, celebrated the measure. “Alfred Kinsey was a sexual pervert whose unscientific propaganda exploited women and harmed children,” he said. “Kinsey should have been prosecuted for the vile abuse of children he catalogued in Table 34 of his first book published in 1948. His work is indefensible. Indiana University should disassociate itself from anything related to Alfred Kinsey.”

      In an interview with this writer before she passed away, Liberty University Professor Dr. Judith Reisman — perhaps the world’s top expert on Kinsey’s legacy — dropped a bombshell: The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) was involved in supporting his “research” involving horrific child abuse. There was

      definitely some involvement of MKUltra, a CIA mind-control program parts of which were exposed by Congress.

      Kinsey’s criminal pseudo-science, also sponsored by Rockefeller foundations, was the pretext to change American laws and culture on marriage, rape, family, and more, explained Reisman, who wrote several books on Kinsey. The research involving rape and sexual abuse of children was also the foundation for sexualizing students in public schools with grotesque programs that groom children for exploitation and abuse.

      The idea that taxpayers should provide funding for this evil is beyond outrageous. It is time for Indiana and the whole nation to perform an honest examination of Kinsey’s legacy, and to reverse all of the deadly changes brought about in society as a result of these crimes and frauds. Children depend on it.

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