Tennessee School District Taught Staff That Christians Are “Privileged”

      Teachers and staff at a Tennessee government-school district were taught that Christians, heterosexuals, men, “cisgender” people, and descendants of Europeans have “privilege” while women, pagans, “people of color,” “polyamorous” people, and homosexuals are supposedly oppressed. The scandalous Marxist-style training is causing outrage across Tennessee and nationwide.  

      According to a copy of the “cultural competence” training presentation first uncovered with a public records request by Parents Defending Education, the world needs more “purple people.” Such people are defined throughout the presentation as those who agree with and promote the “Diversity, Equity and Inclusion” (DEI) propaganda being peddled by the district and Marxists everywhere. 

      The training program proceeds to divide Americans into two broad categories: oppressors and oppressed. In a chart featured in the slideshow, a list of attributes of oppressors includes white, able-bodied, men, cisgender (no confusion about gender), heterosexual, Christian, middle class, upper class, young adults, middle-aged adults.

      Next, the presentation includes a list of those “social identities” that are to be considered “oppressed.” This includes person of color, disability, women, trans, nonbinary, genderqueer, LGBTQ+, polyamorous, asexual, aromantic, Muslim, Eastern, pagan, Jewish, Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist, working class, poor, children, adolescent, and even older adult. 

      Dividing everyone in society up into conflicting groups—oppressor and oppressed—is not new. In fact, this originated with Karl Marx, whose “ideology” resulted in hundreds of millions of murders and the enslavement of billions. Chairman Mao divided Chinese people into “black” and “red” categories, with blacks being property owners and business owners while reds were peasants and workers.

      Marxist theorist Antonio Gramsci and others affiliated with the Frankfurt School understood that Marx’s view of economic conflict was unlikely to succeed in the Western context—especially in the United States. And so, as part of Critical Theory, the conflict narrative was adapted to focus on the very elements outlined in the “ENGAGE” presentation offered to teachers in Tennessee. 

      The goal: inflame as much hatred, division, and conflict as possible so that out of the ruins of the old society, a new and more totalitarian regime can emerge. As Jesus explained, a kingdom divided against itself cannot stand. Dividing Americans and causing them to view their neighbors as enemies is critical to taking down the Constitution and the nation itself.   

      In North Carolina, as documented by The Newman Report in 2017, Christian children were actually forced to stand in front of the class in a Mao-style “struggle session” to confess their Christian privilege in front of their peers. These are the same horrific tactics that eventually led children to turn against their parents as Chinese society descended into an orgy of mass murder. 

      The Tennessee program also suggested that language can cause “trauma” to children. The example of “triggering” topics listed: “Make this for your mommy.” Apparently birthing parent would be more appropriate? The slide never says explicitly what would be better. Asking children about their Christmas, meanwhile, is listed as something to “avoid,” along with saying “I don’t see color.” The program also promotes extremist LGBT groups such as GLSEN. 

      “When a teacher training teaches that saying the words ‘mommy’ and ‘Christmas’ can cause trauma, we know we are dealing with unserious people,” said Erika Sanzi with Parents Defending Education. “But these unserious people wield great power and their attempt to indoctrinate teachers into the repugnant belief that being White or male or heterosexual or Christian or able-bodied or an adult, makes you an oppressor is destructive and intellectually bankrupt.” 

      Despite its reputation for conservatism, and lawmakers’ recent efforts to sever ties with federal education bureaucrats, Tennessee’s government “education” system remains alarmingly “woke” and dangerous. In fact, Tennessee was one of the states where parents were asked to sign a document promising not to watch their children’s online “lessons” during Covid. 

      District officials responded to the growing national scandal by refusing to take responsibility. “Since this presentation was developed independently by educators and not developed or delivered by the District, I do not have any additional information on the presentation,” a spokesman said. “CMCSS is in compliance with state law and does not require implicit bias training for employees.”

      Even in conservative Tennessee, little children are being indoctrinated with poison that — if left unchecked — will destroy families, communities, and civilization. Begging school boards to stop has been tried for decades without success. Only a massive exit from the government’s pseudo-“education” system will save America.

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