Leftists Go Berserk as PragerU Comes to Florida Schools

      After pumping schools full of pornography and grotesque lies about everything from history to science, anti-American leftists and the broader education establishment are horrified that students in Florida government schools might be exposed to truthful content produced by PragerU. Other states are thinking about following suit. 

      The Florida Department of Education recently approved PragerU materials as “supplemental curriculum.” That means districts can allow teachers to use it in the classroom without fear of repercussions, though they are not required to. PragerU has videos on countless important topics of the day, including many that challenge the lies of the totalitarian forces working to undermine America.

      “The Florida Department of Education reviewed PragerU Kids and determined the material aligns to Florida’s revised civics and government standards,” said a spokesman for the department. “PragerU Kids is no different than many other resources, which can be used as supplemental materials in Florida schools at district discretion.”  

      Ironically, many of the same ghouls shrieking about “censorship” and “book burning” over efforts to keep actual child porn out of schools are now shrieking about Florida educators having the opportunity to voluntarily use PragerU material. Suddenly the far-left cries of “academic freedom” and “trust teachers” have been replaced with foaming-at-the-mouth hysteria. 

      PragerU celebrated the news. “A couple of years ago we launched PragerU kids because parents have been frustrated, teachers have been frustrated,” CEO Marissa Streit said while announcing the news. “We have seen that our schools have been hijacked by the left. They have been politicized. They have been used by union bosses. They have been doing everything under the sun not for our children.”

      On its website, PragerU describes itself as “the world’s leading conservative nonprofit that is focused on changing minds through the creative use of digital media.” The organization says its videos have amassed around 8 billion views as they “educate millions of Americans and young people about the values that make America great.” It reports having hundreds of thousands of small donors. 

      Fake-news peddlers and those seeking to perpetuate the monopoly over the minds of children were in meltdown mode. An unhinged propagandist for the far-left Orlando Sentinel, for example, cited PragerU’s approval as evidence that Florida’s “top educational priority” is to fill “school kid noggins with alt-right propaganda.” He also radically mischaracterized a handful of cherry-picked PragerU videos. 

      Leftist propaganda megaphone MSNBC, meanwhile, fumed in a headline that PragerU “loves gaslighting Black people about racism.” Exhibit A: A video by a black commentator urging black Americans to stop regarding themselves as perpetual “victims” incapable of improving their own lives without help from white-savior liberals in government.  

      Some when even further into kook territory. Fringe far-left outfit Slate described PragerU videos as “Quasi-White Nationalist Content” in its headline. To support its lie, propagandist Molly Olmstead pointed to a video featuring a Booker T. Washington character telling children that they were not guilty for the “sins of the past” and that America was among the first places to end slavery — all true!  

      Even California Gov. Gavin Newsome, who constantly whines about alleged “book banning” by conservatives and recently fined a school district for not glorifying child rapist Harvey Milk, tried to dupe his followers on Twitter. He claimed, falsely, that a video with Columbus featured him claiming slavery was “no big deal.” In reality, the Columbus figure said that in his time, it was not considered evil.

      In a 2020 interview with FreedomProject’s Dr. Duke Pesta for The New American magazine, Prager discusses how intellectual freedom and even fundamental rights such as free speech are being viciously stifled by the “education” system. Ironically, that effort to silence conservatives and any viewpoints that counter the Marxist narrative is precisely what is driving the pseudo-outrage about Florida.

      The fact that God-hating, America-destroying Marxists in media, education, and government must resort to lies to try to keep children from hearing alternate views is very revealing. Of course, adding PragerU as a resource will not make government indoctrination centers posing as schools safe for children. But the unhinged reaction of the establishment to the news should tell Americans everything they need to know.

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