Education “Transformation” Unveiled at UN ‘Climate’ Summit

      DUBAI — Governments, tax-funded “non-governmental” organizations, and international outfits from around the world were in the United Arab Emirates last week showcasing countless new and improved schemes for indoctrinating children on “climate” alarmism. The catchphrase du jour: “education transformation.” The goal: brainwashing children to believe there is a “climate crisis” that only global governance and totalitarian policies can cure. 

      Much of the buzz on education revolved around the UN 2030 Agenda “Sustainable Development Goals,” or SDGs for short. The 17 goals, dubbed the “masterplan for humanity” by UN leaders when they were adopted by governments in 2015, call for global wealth redistribution and transforming the world under the guise of saving the climate. Goal 4 deals explicitly with “education,” though indoctrination is clearly the goal, demanding children accept sustainable development, global citizenship, and more.  

      The very first ad seen at the airport by this writer declared “education transformation” in giant letters, along with the UN COP28 logo. It was appropriate, as the very next day was the “education and youth” theme at the UN climate summit, where the whole focus was on how children would be indoctrinated into man-made climate-change alarmism. Everywhere UN leaders and government officials were talking about education. 

      One of the major organizations peddling its “education”-focused “climate” schemes was Dubai Cares, a “non-governmental organization” created by Dubai Ruler Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum that served as the “official” education partner of the UN COP28. Dubai Cares CEO Dr. Tariq Al Gurg was quoted in media reports saying one of the goals of his organization was dedicated to “adding Climate in national curriculum of countries worldwide.”

      “What we need today is to transform our education systems,” said Al Gurg. “And while we’re doing that we invent a vertical towards climate. We should ensure that every single stakeholder in society is involved in the talks. Children, parents, teachers, Ministers of Education, the private sectors all need to be involved. We hope education will be part of future COPs.”

      Speaking during the “The Youth and Education Session: The latent force of climate action” during COP28’s World Climate Action Summit, Al Gurg described a Dubai Cares program to reach over 2 billion people across 10 nations by 2030. The nations being targeted as a pilot and model for eventually reaching all children in all nations include India, Portugal, Brazil, Uganda, and others.

      Numerous bigwigs vowed to work with Dubai Cares on its scheme. Among them was Ban Ki Moon, the former UN secretary general who famously declared that “education” must “produce global citizens.” Along with UNESCO, the UN “education” agency, Moon worked hard to globalize education around the world, shepherding through numerous planetary education initiatives during his tenure.

      One of the “strategic partners” in implementing this “education transformation” is the Aga Khan Development Network, a bizarre organization funded by U.S. and European taxpayers run by “His Highness the Aga Khan … the 49th hereditary Imam (Spiritual Leader) of the Shia Imami Ismaili Muslims.” The list of governments and big foundations behind the outfit is stunning.   

      UNICEF Deputy Executive Director Kitty van der Heijden, another big education player at the summit, demanded more money for “climate education.” ⁦”Out of all the climate finance in the world–I find this an appalling statistic–1 percent goes to education. Now if we want to equip and empower children in the face of climate disasters, that percent must rise as much as the temperatures are rising.”

      The niche industry bringing together “education” and climate alarmism was thankful to Dubai Cares for its efforts. “Education [is] finally at the heart of the climate change agenda,  thanks to Dubai Cares and its partners,” exclaimed Tom Vandenbosch, who is affiliated with a dizzying array of taxpayer-funded “education” schemes around the globe including the World Bank. 

      This writer spent some time in the United Arab Emirates “Ministry of Education” pavilion in COP28’s so-called Green Zone, an area open to the general public. Multiple officials with the government ministry were only to eager to talk about how the UAE was in the process of aligning its standards and curriculum with global ones put out by the UN. Only on sex issues did the officials say concerns about morality were a factor. 

      An “education and climate” side event attended by this writer featured a self-styled climate education expert explaining how to “protect” children from information contradicting the narrative online. In short, children should be taught that when they run into information that goes against the “mainstream consensus,” they should assume it is inaccurate and should go to “reliable” sources to check it out. 

      Last year, UNESCO called for waging war on “conspiracy theories” using education and schools. It claimed “conspiracy theories” can “reduce trust in public institutions” and “scientific institutions,” which can cause people to be less willing to “reduce their carbon footprint.” More recently, the agency called for censoring the Internet, too–an idea Al Gore echoed at the COP28 summit when calling for a ban on “algorithms.”

      The UN has no business in American classrooms teaching about “climate” or anything else. In fact, a bill introduced by Senator Mike Lee (R-Utah) during the UN summit would end U.S. participation in the outfit altogether. With the UN now openly seeking to brainwash American children with climate alarmism, socialism, and perversion, it is past time for the United States to get out of the UN.

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