UN Exploits Children to Push Agenda at “Climate” Summit

      Heavily indoctrinated children and “youth” from around the world are being shamelessly exploited by political, business, and religious leaders at the United Nations COP28 “climate” summit in Dubai to push for planetary controls on the gas of life, wealth redistribution, and other agendas. While Greta Thunberg appears to have faded away, this weaponization of children is being done strategically to stir emotional responses.

      One key organization involved in this is YOUNGO, described as the “official children and youth constituency of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC),” the UN outfit hosting the summit. Under its leadership, “youth representatives” issued a “Declaration for Climate Justice” and “Global Youth Statement” conveniently demanding all of the very same policies the adults want.

      According to a statement by YOUNGO, the COP28 presidency intends to “center youth perspectives in international climate policy-making, setting a model for future COPs.” As part of that, the government of Abu Dhabi and the UN brought in over 100 “youth” to meet at the Emirate Palace and help promote the climate agenda.

      “The COP28 Presidency is committed to achieving unprecedented youth and children’s inclusion in international UN climate change negotiations,” said H.E. (“His Excellency”) Shamma Al Mazrui, the Emirati Minister of State for Youth Affairs. “We have been diligently working on a series of initiatives to offer comprehensive support to youth at every stage of the COP process.”

      “Over the past year, the [Youth Climate Champion] has engaged with young people from across the globe to ensure that their voices are integrated throughout the entire COP28 process, with the aspiration for this to become the expectation for future years as well,” Al Mazrui continued.

      Similar antics have been taking place at UN climate confabs for years, as The Newman Report has documented, but never to this extent. At last year’s UN conference in Egypt, this writer showed how the UN was blatantly targeting children for anti-energy and pro-globalism indoctrination under the guise of fighting supposed man-made global warming.

      UN Women, a radical UN agency that exists to promote abortion and undermine the “patriarchy” (code for nuclear family), brought in a team of “youth champions from across Asia and the Pacific” to “share their expertise, engage in negotiations and push for gender equality and women’s empowerment in the global climate discussions.” Ironically, the first one listed was a man.

      Save The Children, a far-left group funded by governments posing as saviors of children, claimed in its report from COP28 that “children across the world” were “demanding better access to climate education.” Apparently they are also demanding “more funding for climate-resilient infrastructure and a seat at the table with their voices heard,” the group said.

      The group claimed children demanded these things at “COP simulations” organized by Save the Children and its partners.

      “When there is heavy rain, children don’t manage to go to school…it causes mudslides. Then our parents start struggling to get school fees and this results in school dropouts,” the “children” were quoted as saying, perhaps oblivious to the fact that many parts of the world have dealt with rain and mudslides for millennia. It does not seem like anyone told them that prosperity from free markets and hydrocarbon energy could help ensure that mudslides become a thing of the past, or at least inconsequential.

      Business interests are also exploiting young people from around the world for nefarious purposes. The World Economic Forum, founded by globalist megalomaniac Klaus Schwab and bringing Big Business into the UN agenda, deployed a swarm of at 100 young “Global Shapers” from around the world to the UN summit. These “shapers,” part of a WEF program launched in 2011, are basically youthful stormtroopers to advance the organization’s goals, including the now-infamous “Great Reset.”

      “Building on the work of COP27, Global Shapers will continue to advocate for inclusive solutions at COP28 in Dubai, tackling crucial themes such as energy transition, biodiversity, health and technological innovation, all rooted in the principles of climate justice,” the WEF said. “Their dedication underscores the importance of collaboration and collective action in addressing our global climate challenges.”

      Religious organizations are similarly weaponizing “youth” to push the agenda. The apostate Church of Sweden, for example, sent Julia Rensberg, described by the far-left “World Council of Churches” as “a passionate advocate for youth and Indigenous Sami communities from the Church of Sweden.

      According to the WCC, long considered a communist front group by Bible-believing Christians, the young Swede “took center stage at the Faith Pavilion’s side event on ‘Interfaith Youth Dialogue on Climate Justice, Promoting Resilience and Hope.’”

      “Adaptation to the climate crisis is a luxury,” Rensberg was quoted as saying. “People living on the margins cannot afford it, as the consequences of the climate crisis are already a harsh reality. Recognizing that life depends on the earth’s health is not just a holistic view but a solution.”

      It is no surprise that totalitarians in government, business, and religion would seek to exploit children to advance the ambitions of adults. In fact, tyrants of all sorts have been doing it for millennia. What is surprising is that so many adults still fall for it.

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